When I think of the future, I think that there will be a big explosion, and this is a big reason why the human race will have to be in a weird looking vault thing. No one will be able to breathe the air, the Earth will be all ashes and there will be many fires. The air will probably be toxic or something like that. The country is run by robots because the government has finally given up on trying to control the country.


Sometimes I feel like this will most likely be the outcome of the world because of all of the drama that we are having with the election coming up, all the fighting and global warming. I fear that this is going to cause mass chaos if it has not already done so. If you actually think about it, aliens sound way better, than if one of the candidates that are running became the president. Yikes!! Now that is a scary thought.


I really would like to have the future be fun and cool like cars running on bubbles or everything is solar power and we do not have to drill in the Earth to get fossil fuels because we do not need any of that not one little drop.


I really have a bad gut feeling that is not the case with the election the way it is starting and finishing. I am quite scared half to death about the outcomes of this debate because I have a feeling that whoever is chosen will most likely start a World War III and I do not want to stick around to witness it either.



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