Spiders, The Dark and Crows, Oh My!

I am severely afraid of spiders. I feel like they are out to get me sometimes but that could just be my imagination, but still they are very creepy. When I was younger, I was basically always afraid of spiders and the reason for this is because I was always surrounded by them. I still try to get used to them but they are making it so hard. The reason for that is when they look at me they move their mouths in this really weird way and it is just so creepy. I have Arachnophobia and it is really hard to get used to spiders. I try to avoid them the best that I can.


I am also scared of crows. I do not know why this is exactly, but I think that when I was younger I had a bad experience with crows, but I can not remember exactly why I am scared of them I just get a bad feeling when they are near me. I just do not understand why. I guess crows symbolize death and I have had so many people die in my life and I was really close to most of them. It was hard to see them dead when just a few months ago you saw them walking and talking. So full of life it was really hard. Crows remind me of death they scare me all the time because you do not know who will leave you next. I am a Corvid Phobic and a Thanatophobic. These phobias are real and they mean that I am a scaredy cat. I want to get over these fears but I can not.


I am also very afraid of the dark. I have Insomnia which is the inability to sleep; habitual sleeplessness. I have tried a lot of things to help me sleep and so far nothing is working nor helping. I feel like when I fall asleep I might not wake up. I know it sounds really off the wall and everything but that is just how it is. I am afraid of dying in my sleep.  I have  nyctophobia; which means that I have an extreme or irrational fear of the dark.



8 thoughts on “Spiders, The Dark and Crows, Oh My!”

  1. I love spiders. I try to put them outside my house because there’s no bugs for them in here… but then I find a massive spider and I’m trying to save him but he’s TERRIFYING… I LOVE CROWS, they are intelligent so I whistle around them hoping they remember me that way… Darkness is calming. Unless pre spooked lol. X.

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  2. I HATE spiders. I’m afraid of them too, regardless of their size. Even if it’s the size of the tip of a needle, it scares me…lol. Crows give me the creeps too, as well as the dark. Looks like we have a few things in common…

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