Why Can’t I Remember?

When I was walking by the library, I caught a whiff of a very familiar scent. Although I could not find it’s source, I do believe I know why I remember it, I think. Yes! I do know why I remember it. When I was in one of the foster homes, I would smell the woman’s lotion. The woman, whom by the way I will not be telling her name, was very kind and gentle. She wore a lotion that smelled of pine and clover. I think it was clover, the scent was starting to fade. I liked this woman and I always will wonder what she is doing now to this very day. I was at least 3 years old when I was with her, I do believe. I know that she is not dead because my mom brought us to see her one day last fall. She was not home though for there was a note on her front door saying that she was out shopping.


When I remember that smell it always brought me back to that woman. She was always in the back of my mind. I sometimes catch myself wondering what she is doing now. Does she remember me like I remember her? Has she forgotten all about me all together? I really hope that she has not for I remember her a clear as day. Maybe my mom will allow me to see her again. If I do see her again I will ask if she remembers me at all from me younger years along with her younger ones. Oh I do remember that one time when I was jumping on the bed at her house, I tripped over my foot and smacked my mouth on the windowsill. Ouch! That hurt a lot. I remember crying out in pain and seeing her rush into the room. Turns out I nocked my two front teeth deeply into my gums! Ohh it hurt terribly bad. I saw the blood and started to cry saying “I’m going to lose all of my blood!” I was 3 years old remember and did not understand that loosing all of my blood was not entirely accurate or possible just because my teeth and gums where bleeding.


After that incident I will assure you I no longer jumped near a windowsill while on a bed. I wonder if she remembers the time my brother poured bubbles in my eyes (accidentally I might add). She held my hand while trying to wash the soap from my eyes as I cried and cried.



One thought on “Why Can’t I Remember?”

  1. Megan, you have a great taste in telling your story. You do use a lot of words that should be taken out or replaced with another, but if you ever need help editing, let me know! Keep up the great work!

    -Ryahnna Norton

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