“A Girl In The Shadows”

Chapter 1

“I know I saw him and that he saw me. But he doesn’t know me.”
It was all I could think of was Jake. My name is Lilian Anderson and this is my story. He was the captain of the varsity Basketball team and he was popular, there was another thing, he had a girlfriend but I still had a crush on him and there was no way I would let that stop me. I was on my way home today when he pulled up and asked if I needed a ride I said no thank you because I was only two blocks from my house and it was a great day for a walk. He said he lived on my block but I doubted that because he was never at his house after school but my conscience took over again I finally said sure so he took me home I asked why he is always being bossed around by Abby (she’s his girlfriend) “She’s always telling me what to do and says that if I don’t she’ll tell everyone,” he paused. “Tell everyone what?” I asked. “Nothing” he said. The car came to a stop in front of my house. “Hey, Lily,do you have a crush on me?” he asked out of the blue. “ Yeah, why?” I asked out of curiosity. “Because I ….. I….. never mind.” And he drove off just like that. I went inside and went straight to the kitchen like I do every day, but something wasn’t right like something was wrong but I couldn’t quite figure it out. Then I knew mom was trying to do the laundry, AGAIN. She tries but fails almost every time. I went into the laundry room to see if she was doing it right but she wasn’t in there, so I checked the basement. She was in there but she was sleeping. I figured that she was tired from work so I put a blanket over her and of course she woke up. “Hey hun when did you get here?” she asked. “Just 5 minutes ago, why?” “Oh no reason just wondering.” she replied. I was going to ask what we were having for supper when the phone rang. I hurried up the stairs to answer it. “Hello?” I said, “Hey, Lily you wanna come over for a little bit?” It was Layla one of my best friends and like a sister to me. “Um, can you hold on just for sec. I have to ask my mom if I can.” “ Ok.” she replied cheerfully. You see Layla is like a big bouncy ball, she’s always full of energy that’s why we’re friends. “Hey, mom, can I go to Layla’s house for a little while?” “I don’t care just be back for supper we’re having spaghetti.” Mmm spaghetti, my favorite. “She said yeah!” I told her. “Yay!” She literally screamed into the phone. “That was my ear, thank you very much. I think I just went deaf.” I said “Oops, sorry.” She said quietly. I could tell she was trying to hide her excitement.

Chapter 2

I was on my way over when Jake honked his horn it scared the living daylights out of me, not funny on my opinion. “Hey,” he called, “Where are you going?” he asked. “Over to a friend’s house, why?” I replied. “Just wondering” he replied. I wondered why he was so dreamy then I came back to the real world again. “I wanted to ask you earlier about the dance,” he called. “Aren’t you going with your GIRLFRIEND?” I asked teasingly “ No.” he said flatly. “Oh, then who are you going with?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t say no one hoping he wouldn’t ask me. If I jinxed it I’m going to laugh. “Well, I was going to go alone but if you’re going I’ll definitely go with you, I mean if you are going otherwise I’ll just stay home.” He said “Really, you the captain of the varsity basketball team, would stay home from a dance just because I didn’t go?” I asked surprisingly. “Well, yeah I guess so.” He said. A cold wind blew at my back. I shivered. He got out, took off his jacket, and put it on me. I could have sworn my ears were red and it wasn’t from the cold either. “So where does your friend live?” he asked. “Just down the street take a left.” I told him. “Ok.”He replied. It was like I was in a dream so I laid back in the seat was asleep very soon. I felt someone shaking me gently I thought it was my mom but when I opened my eyes, gorgeous blue ones were staring at me. When I sat up he just sat there staring at me like he knew me from a fairytale. “What?” I asked taking my eyes off him. “Nothing it’s just that you’re really pretty.” I sat there for a moment then said “Yeah right.” “I’m serious you really are.” I laughed and got out of the car. When I was halfway up the drive when he called, “Hey Lily you wanna go to the dance with me?” I turned around to look at him and answered, “Sure why not?” He smiled one of those smiles that shows the little boy in every guy. Honked again and drove off. I went inside and nearly got tackled by Layla who pounced on me. “HELLOOOO!” “Get off me, I can’t breathe.” I gasped nearly out of breath. “You should’ve signed up for football instead of cheerleading.” “Ha ha ha,very funny you should sign up class clown you’re a natural.” “I don’t sign up for anything.” I replied remembering the last time she tried signing me up choir, now that sent shivers down my spine. Let’s just say that it DID NOT and I repeat DID NOT end well! Never again.

Chapter 3

“So what were you doing with Jake or should I say Mister Hottie?” she asked me later on that night. “Oh nothing It’s just that he asked me to the dance that is Friday night.” “Woah, Woah, Woah! What did you just say? Either I’m hearing things or you just got a date!” she screeched in my ear. “ Would you stop yelling in my ear please, one of these days I’m going to go deaf because of that.” “Sorry.” she said. We were working on the school banner for the parade when the doorbell rang. We both screamed and ran to the door tripping over each other. I got to the door first and answered it almost falling out of it because Layla pushed me out of it. Her dad was laughing because we looked like dorks. He looked out the door while Layla and I got up. It was my mom coming to pick me up. “Hey what are you guys doing?” she asked laughing. “Oh just an evening tackle to see who flies out the door first.” “Interesting, Lily it’s time to go home.” “Ahh she can’t go home I’ll die if she does.” Layla said sadly. “Oh but she has to, supper is ready.” “All right but I’m tackling you tomorrow at school.” “Oh god.” I replied laughing. “See ya.” I called as I was walking outside “See ya.” she replied as she closed the door. When we got home I could smell the spaghetti cooking in the kitchen. We ate in silence until I said that Jake was taking me to the dance Friday night. “Oh well that’s interesting dear.” I found that odd because she never called me dear unless dad was there talking to her at the same time that I was, but my dad died when I was 12 so it was odd to me, but I didn’t comment on it though. I was in my room earlier with the radio on but I heard something downstairs so I went to check on mom to see what was wrong then I heard a moaning sound, turned the corner and I swear I turned white, my mom was on the floor crying, I rushed to her, and she was bleeding. I called 911 and said my mom was bleeding. They said they’d be right there and told me to calm down. “CALM DOWN? CALM DOWN? My mom is bleeding and you expect me to CALM DOWN? What is wrong with you people?” “ Ma’am you need to stay calm please I know she’s bleeding but you need to stay calm so she’s not scared.” In 5 minutes the ambulance was there and my mom was on stretcher and in the ambulance in no time. It scared me bad. Layla was right next to me when this happened and I didn’t know I was crying until she said “ Don’t cry Lily she’ll be alright I promise.” “I know she will, I know she will.” I sobbed on her shoulder.

Chapter 4

I woke up next to my mom’s bed at the hospital. She was asleep. I wanted to stay with her but the nurse said that I couldn’t and that she had a seizure and must have cut her arm on the dresser. “She want’s you to go to school, you can’t afford to miss any classes, or you’ll fail.”she said. “I’d rather fail than not be here with her today.” I said. I could feel the anger and hate for not getting to stay with her today. I left the hospital with tears in my eyes because I really wanted to stay with her today. If only I could just stay there with her at the hospital make sure she is alright. I thought glumly hoping she would be alright. I hadn’t noticed that Layla was walking with me until she put her arm around my shoulder. “Hey are you going to be okay you look like you’re going faint?” “Hmm, Oh yeah I’ll be okay, hopefully.” I said with a shaky voice. We got to school and I was crying again. I wish they had an off button for tears because I could really use one. I went in to the nurse’s office to grab a couple of kleenex so I didn’t look like a rag doll. I walked in the office and bumped right into Jake. “Hey I heard about your mom I’m really sorry!” “Thanks, It’s been pretty rough.” “Do you want help with your homework? Cause I can help you if you want it I mean you don’t have to but that’s your choice.” “Yeah sure thanks I’d like that I’m a little behind.” I was on my way to class when Abby purposely knocked my stuff out of my arms, Grrrrr… I really hate that girl. Jake helped me pick up my stuff, then left with Abby. I can’t believe he has to deal with her, she’s so mean. I feel bad for him. Actually,  I think she is a real snob. No wonder everyone hates her guts, what a brat. I got to class late again hopefully the teacher never noticed me. After class I had the rest of the day off so I went to Starbucks to get a cappuccino and I did my homework. I was just about to leave when I bumped into Jake. “Hey I knew I’d find you here whatch ya doing?” “ I was just leaving to go see my mom and check up on her see how she’s doing.” “Can I come?” he asked me with a childish grin. “Sure.”  I replied stunned that he actually wanted to come with me. We were walking to my mom’s room when I felt someone brush my arm. I turned to see who it was and I could have sworn it was my dad. But it can’t be dad he died 5 years ago. I thought to myself as I turned around almost running into Jake. “Hey are you ok? You don’t look so good.” He asked sounding worried. “I’m fine.” I lied. Actually I felt like I was going to faint. “Are you sure you don’t want to sit down, you aren’t looking so good, Lily?”  I felt him catch me before I hit floor. “Hey I told you sit down.” “No you didn’t.” “Ok but you almost fainted you do know that right?” I shook my head no. He did the weirdest thing. He picked me up, opened the door, and carried me into the room. He set me next to my mom who was still asleep. When he set me down she woke up. “Hey hon, how are you sweetie?” “Good” I replied weakly. “Yeah right you just fainted in the hall.” Jake said glumly. “Who is this Lily?” she asked “This is Jake.” I said after a while. I tried to stand up, but fell over again. Jake caught my arm and set me in the chair. “Thanks  Jake.” I said blushing, “No problem.” Jake and I stayed at the hospital with my mom until she said that I needed to get home and clean up a little bit.

Chapter 5

Jake had to carry me again to the car this time. I was half asleep when I felt him pick me up and carry me inside. He set me on the couch and sat at the other end of the couch. I sat up looked around and fell back on the couch again. He smirked at that. “What?” I asked him trying not to smile. “Nothing.” He replied. Then I got up and went to the kitchen to find some pop and chips so he would have something to eat while I cleaned. He shook his head. “No thanks I’m not hungry.” I went into the laundry room to start the dryer. He followed and tried to help me with it and it didn’t end well he kept bumping me when we both tried to fold and put it away, so I folded the clothes and he put them on the hamper. We finished this in five minutes flat. He timed us. When we finished I had to go in my room and put my pj’s on. When I came out he was asleep on the couch. I pulled his shoes off and set them on the floor next to the couch and put a blanket over him. Then I sat on the couch by his feet I was almost asleep when someone came in the front door. I was about to get up and see who it was when I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning right under Jake’s arm. I was still half asleep when he woke up and looked. “What the heck?” I pulled away from him so he could get up, but he pulled me back towards himself. “Hey what are you doing?” I asked laughing. “You’re way warmer than me.” He laughed. “So.” I replied trying to get up but fell back on him again. Man am I a clutz I can’t even stand up. I thought as I tried again. “You have a thing for falling over don’t you?” He asked literally laughing so hard that he fell off the couch. “Hey you guys knock it off in there.” someone called in at us. I jumped up and ran in the kitchen nearly pushing my aunt who had a coffee in her hand. “Hey slow down there hot stuff I ain’t going’ anywhere.” “I know.” I replied happily. Jake came in behind me and sat down. “Who is this Lily?” she asked curiosity taking over her. “This is Jake, he’s my,” “Boyfriend.” He said cutting me off. “Oh well Lily did not tell me she was dating someone.” “Well I guess I am now.” I replied a little awkwardly. When we left for school Jake’s dad drove up and asked where he had been. “I was at her house because she was alone. Her mom is in the hospital she doesn’t  have a dad. So I stayed with her last night that’s all.” He said to him and we left just like that no arguments nothing we just left. When we got to school it was chaos, everyone heard about my mom being in the hospital and was asking me all these questions. “Ok everyone back up, give her some space. She needs to breathe you know, honestly don’t you guys have something to be doing right now?” Jake yelled at the crowd that had gathered around us. Some of them left all except Abby. Ugh  she really needs a life sometimes. “Hey Jake are you coming to my party tomorrow?” “Nope.” he replied to her calmly. “What?” she exclaimed loudly. “You heard me did you not?” he said in her face. “I said nope.” and we walked off. Just like that. “Wow what was that all about?” I asked “Oh nothing it’s just that I’m done with Abby for now. You can be with me if you want to because you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” “Um let me get back to you on that, I’ve got to get to class or I’ll be late again.” “Alright then I’ll see you around then huh?” “Yeah I guess so.” I replied walking away. When I got to my house my mom was in the livingroom. I ran and pounced on her. “Whoa what the? Lily what are you doing?” she exclaimed laughing. “I missed you.” I signed to her since she was the one who taught me how to sign. And then she signed “I Love You.” “I know.” I replied cheerfully.

Chapter 6

I got up and ran outside to grab my bag when I heard a scream down the street I ran inside to tell my mom to call 911. When I got down the street I saw Layla standing over her mom. She was still, very still. “Why does everything bad happen to us?” I thought sadly. “Layla?” I asked touching her arm. “Are you ok? What happened?” She stood there for a while then she said “I screamed and she was stabbed. I didn’t mean to scream I was just trying to get her attention.” I fell to my knees and held Layla in my arms while she sobbed. My mom came running down the street and saw us she ran up to us and told us to go inside. “The cops will be here in a moment.” said my mom. In no time the cops were at the scene. They laid Layla’s mom on a stretcher and drove to the Hospital. When they told Layla that she had died from the bleeding they couldn’t stop the blood flow. They said that it was her choice to have a funeral. She wants to. The next day I woke up with Layla and Jake in my room. Layla was on my left and Jake was on my right. He had his arm wrapped around my waist and was cuddling me. I fell back asleep. I woke again to Layla leaning against me saying “Oh, she is awake.” I rolled over and Jake was staring at me. “Hey what’s up?” “Nothing much. You?” “I’m good.” We sat up at the same time. I almost fell but he caught my and pulled me close. He was warm and I liked it, I felt safe with him there. Layla tossed me some clothes and told me that my mom went to work early because she lost some time and had to make it up. I went across the hall to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. I let the water run feeling the hot water soothe me. I thought of all the bad things that had happened. First my mom’s seizure, then Layla’s mom dies. Man we’re just full of bad luck. I got out of the shower and got dressed. Jake was sitting on my bed and Layla was nowhere to be seen. “Where did Layla go?” I asked. “She went to grab her bag from her car.” said Jake, who was now stretched out on my bed reading my book report that wasn’t even halfway done. “Yeah I need to finish that at some point.” I said a little embarrassed. He looked up surprised, like he didn’t know I said anything. “I think it’s good, but it could use some work.” he said sounding like a professional writer. “Thanks I could use some help with it.” I said. Layla came bouncing in the room with a huge smile on her face. literally she looked like she just won the lottery. “What’s up with you?” Jake and I asked in allusion. “Oh nothing except that we,” she pointed to me, Jake, and herself, “all get to stay home from school for 2 weeks!” She exclaimed loudly. “Wait, WHAT?” Jake and I yelled, again in allusion. She waved a letter in our faces. Jake made a grab for it, but she pulled it out of his reach, and ran off with it laughing. It’s a good thing that this was my house and I knew where she would be hiding. I ran to the attic and flung open the door that led to Layla’s doom if she didn’t give us the letter. I sprung up the stairs with Jake at my heels. “Layla give us the letter, NOW!” I yelled at her.

Chapter 7

Then when we got to the top of the stairs she zipped past us and sprinted down the stairs and out the back door that led outside toward the woods I ran after her gaining speed. But she veered right and took a deer path into a steep part of the woods. You see Layla can detect any kind of trail in the woods it doesn’t matter what kind either. I ran after her jumping over logs and fallen trees. Surprisingly Jake was at my heels the whole time. “Man you guys are fast!” Jake yelled as he jumped over the log that appeared out of no wear. “Thanks, we do this a lot sometimes,” I called over my shoulder, “BUT THIS WILL BE HER LAST IF SHE DOESN’T GIVE US THE LETTER!” I screamed at her. She laughs and zooms to the left. I leap over a dead tree and jumped to grab the lowest branch of a tree to my right pull myself up and jumped right on top of Layla. “Score!!”  “Hey no fair!” she yells climbing out from underneath me. I grabbed the letter from her and opened it with Jake right behind me. Layla was right. Because of all that has happened to us, we all get 2 weeks off. I almost fell over from excitement. Jake was smiling like a little kid again. But something was wrong I looked around and saw something zip to the left behind Layla. I started after it with Jake and Layla at my heels. “What is that?” I asked out loud. “I don’t know but I don’t think we want to find out either.” Jake said as I inched closer. Then it all happened so fast. First I was standing by Layla and Jake, next thing I know I’m hanging from Jake’s hand for dear life. Layla’s crying and saying my name and Jake is telling me wake up. But the thing is I am awake. “Wha- what, what happened?” I mumbled into Jake’s chest. I was dizzy and when I tried to stand up I fell over again. After a few moments I tried again but I threw up. It was terrible I felt like I was sick but I also felt fine at the same time. I didn’t know what to do. Jake picked me up and Layla led the way back since she knew the woods better. When we got back to the house and my mom was home. She took one look at me and I thought she was going to throw up too. “What happened to you guys?” She asked. She was really scared like I was going to die scared. “How come everyone is looking at me like that?” I asked. Then I realized there was a deep cut on my arm. Jake set me down and Layla went and got the first aid kit. My mom was asking so many questions and my head was spinning like crazy. Jake said my name and I blacked out.

Chapter 8

I woke up in the Infirmary. It seems like I have been here so many times in the past few weeks that it is crazy. I rolled over to find my Mom in one chair and Jake in the other. Layla was curled up next to me. A nurse was checking my blood pressure when she noticed I was awake. “Hey sleeping beauty. Good to see you’re up now.” she said with a funny voice that made me laugh. She smiled and started to talk in her normal voice. “How long have I been here?” I asked out of curiosity. “At least two days.” she replied without looking up from the needles. THE NEEDLES!! “Ugh!” I groaned at the sight of them. Jake woke up with a start. He stood up, stretched, then walked around the nurse and sat down by Layla. “Hey when did you wake up?” He asked me. “About three minutes ago.” The nurse answered for me. “Yeah what she said.” I said trying not to look at the needles that were stuck into my arm. I groaned again and tried to roll over so I wouldn’t see them. “Hold still please sweetie, this will only take a moment.” the nurse said. She took them out carefully but I nearly fainted! I hate needles! I saw the blood. My mom was holding my hand but I still passed out. When I woke up Layla and my mom weren’t in the room. Jake was next to me. Somehow he managed to gently pull me into his arms without tugging on any of the cords that were attached to my arm thing whatever you want to call it. Blood pressure machine? I don’t know. Anyway he was there and I felt safe. I asked him what happened. Apparently the ground gave way and sent me tumbling. Jake grabbed my arm before I fell over the cliff. I had cut it on a broken branch. Which by the way was totally not my fault. I fell asleep again this time I didn’t wake up until at least midnight. Jake was lying next to me and Layla was at my left trying to steal my covers. I gave her the comforter and kept the sheets. It was hot in the room anyways. Jake started to mumble in his sleep. I scooted closer and listened to him. “Lily? Lily? Lily please answer me.” He started to cry so I wrapped my arms around him and gently tried to rock him. That didn’t work because I was shorter than him but he stopped crying and woke up.


Chapter 9


“Hey, you’re awake.” Jake said sleepily. “Yeah I guess.” I replied realizing how tired I actually was at that moment. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and hummed a little tune that was off key by two notes. I asked him why he was crying and he said he was having a nightmare. I’m glad I woke him though. “So when do I get to go home?” I asked curiously. “To be honest, I have no idea.” He said sheepishly. I asked what was so funny and he took a moment and then said, “Would you like to know what you said in your sleep last week? Or should I keep it a secret?” I was shocked at first then replied “Tell me, tell me!!” He smiled and between quite laughs said, “Shhh do you want to wake up the whole hospital?” “Well no, But please tell me and I’ll be quiet. I promise.” I gave my girl scouts salute. “Okay, okay.” He laughed again. “You were mumbling and at first I thought you said “no” but instead you said “go, go, go away.” I was so confused on what you were saying and then you said “I don’t know you, I want my dad I don’t know you.” Then you said “you wanted to go to the mall” then you asked me to “grab your math homework” I got so confused. It was very funny. But where you having a nightmare about your Dad?” He asked out of curiosity. I hadn’t really thought of that. I always thought those dreams where normal and sometimes I would even forget I had even dreamed about it. 



Chapter 10


I finally got out of that boring hospital today and was super excited to go home. “YES!! FREEDOM!!” I yelled as we left the parking lot. “Okay! I am so switching you to decaf. Way too much energy.” Mom said from the front seat. Layla was on my left and Jake was at my right. We stopped off at McDonald’s for lunch Layla and I practically order half the menu, we eat a lot. When we finally did get home the whole house was completely dark. I flipped on the lights and….. “SURPRISE!!!!!” “EEEEKKKK” I screamed and stumbled backwards into Jake who fell out the front door. We landed on the porch laughing. Well he was laughing I was having a heart attack!!!! “Oh we are so sorry Lily we did not meant to scare you.” Aunt Cass was standing in the doorway. 


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