What does Integrity mean? Integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody’s watching. My mom wants us kids to have values in life and I try to live up to that the best ways possible. I have done a lot of things in my life that I was or was not very proud of and I plan to make up for the things I have or have not done on this earth. Integrity is very important in everyone’s life and what you say or do are two very important things to learn from. Others may not see what things you do that are good or even bad but there is one person who sees all of the things you do whether you know it or not, and He is God.


God is always watching and listening. He is not doing this to judge you on what you wear or how you act but because He loves you and wants you to do great at many things in your life. There are a lot of people out there who are amazing and do amazing things even when nobody’s there to see the good that they can do. Instead others see the bad in those who have done something out of the ordinary because they just want to fit in with everyone else.


This post is for you people out there who do good when there is nobody there to see it. Don’t worry about their judgmental comments or their mean remarks, instead say to yourself, “I only have ONE person by which whom I am judged and He is God and He will not turn the other cheek when I need Him the most.” So please do not be afraid to be yourselves and just remember, Integrity is what makes you who you are when you’re with friends or family. So ask yourself “Who am I when no one is looking?”


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